Shop for regional products

Shop for regional products

From the region - for the region

Shop for regional products

Door to door with the most beautiful milk shop in the world

Since 01 May 2021, you can find our Pfunds shop for regional products right next to the “Most beautiful milk shop in the world”. A kind of homage to the inventiveness of the Pfund brothers.

The Pfund brothers were known above all for their entrepreneurial spirit and contributed an important part to the history of our city through their numerous ideas. It was important to them to provide the people of Dresden and all their guests with high-quality products.

We have adopted this approach and have set up a shop that mainly sells regional products. In this way, we would like to create more awareness for quality, craftsmanship and agriculture. We mainly support producers from the region, such as “Krabat Milchwelt”, Frau Wauer’s farm shop, “Kleene Scheenke” and “Dresdner Kaffeestübchen” – to name but a few.

Just like in our milk shop, there is also a lot to discover in the shop for regional products. The shop has been decorated with small details from times gone by and the pictures on the walls show moments from the lives of the Pfund brothers.

Außenansicht des Pfunds Spezialitätenladens
Pfunds Spezialitätenladen
From the region - for the region

Regional Products

In addition to selected products from Altenburger Senf, we also offer jams, chutneys, oils, spices, bread baking mixes, pasta and much more. A highlight in our assortment is the “Goldener Reiter beer”, which is brewed by the Bergquell brewery in Löbau. And for all fans of advocaat, we have many different flavors of “Oberlausitzer Eierlikörs” in stock. Salted Caramel and Amaretto are just two examples of the sweet temptation.

In addition, we have various decorative items on offer, such as our wooden ducks. Amusing to look at and something very special. All ducks are made by hand and are therefore truly unique.

regional products

We always pay attention to the impeccable quality of our suppliers’ products and source them exclusively from Dresden and the surrounding area.

vegan and gluten-free products

Most of our mustards are vegan and gluten-free, as are some of the other products in our range.

large assortment

We stock over 150 products from Altenburger Senf. Among other things, various types of mustard, spices and oils.

Our partners

Our snack offer

soft drinks

We have various soft drinks on offer all year round. Especially in the warm summer months a chilled drink does very good.

hot drinks

Our coffee is the right pick-me-up for the further exploration of Dresden. In winter you can also enjoy a delicious pomegranate punch with us.


For the small hunger we have an original Thuringian Rostbratwurst on offer. On this occasion you can also try our mustard.


With us you can enjoy a piece of tradition. We have the original Dresdner Eierschecke on offer, which is made according to an old family recipe from the Dresdner Kaffeestübchen. Always a pleasure.

Milk ice cream

We have an incomparable milk ice cream on offer. We get this from Krabat Milchwelt from Wittichenau – a partner that focuses on regionality and quality.


In the winter months we offer various soups of the day. We obtain these from “Ceus – Coswiger Eintöpfe und Suppen”. Nutritious and substantial meals.

Grill-Quartett aus dem Pfunds Spezialitätenladen
Pfunds Online Shop

In our online store you will find a selection of our assortment.

Altenburger Senf

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