Order cheese platters

Order cheese platters

culinary highlight

Cheese platters from the "Pfunds Molkerei"

With our cheese platters, you can ensure a special culinary highlight at your celebrations and social evenings.

Treat your guests to an exclusive selection of regional and international cheeses that will convince you with their taste.

We stock between 130 and 150 types of cheese, depending on the season. Put together your individual cheese platter according to your wishes and benefit from the advice of our colleagues at the cheese counter. This way you can bring in your preferences and allergies can be taken into account.

Cheese platters according to your wishes

We will be happy to advise you on the composition of your individual cheese platter.

Ready for pick up within one working day

We usually need one working day to process your order until it is ready for pickup.

Large selection of regional and international cheeses

We stock between 130 and 150 types of cheese from regional and international producers.

Making the right choice

When buying a cheese platter, various factors should be taken into account. You can have the platter topped exclusively with hard and semi-hard cheeses or only with regional cheeses. There are many possibilities.

The size of the platter depends on the number of people and the setting in which the cheese platter is served. For cheese lovers invited to a tasting, a slightly larger platter is recommended to offer the widest possible variety of flavours. You can then serve fruit, baguette and other side dishes with it. If the cheese platter is served as a dessert after a menu or at a buffet, however, a smaller platter is often sufficient.

From our experience, we recommend a mix of spicy, aromatic and mild cheeses as well as hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses. So there should be something for every taste of your guests.

Ina Stephan, Dairy shop manager
Bestellung von Käseplatten bei der Pfunds Molkerei - kleine Variante

small cheese platter
2 to 4 persons

Spend a relaxing and enjoyable evening with your family or friends. You are welcome to serve our small cheese platter here, which is designed for 2 to 4 people. We also have a range of matching wines on offer.

Bestellung von Käseplatten bei der Pfunds Molkerei - mittlere Variante

Medium cheese platter
6 to 8 persons

Host a cheese tasting evening with family and friends. You can serve our medium cheese platter for this. This is designed for 6 to 8 people. Serve with matching garnishes such as grapes, fruit mustard spreads and baguette.

Bestellung von Käseplatten bei der Pfunds Molkerei - große Variante

Large cheese platter
12 to 15 people

Our large cheese platter is very suitable as a finishing touch to a buffet and is designed for 12 to 15 people. Thanks to the varied selection, there should be something for every taste and the cut pieces of cheese are easy to remove from the cheese platter.

Quick and uncomplicated

Order a cheese platter from us and sit back and relax. The wide range of cheeses means you don’t have to search and worry about how to serve them attractively. With us, you get a ready-made cheese platter that will delight your guests both in terms of taste and appearance.

You can order your cheese platter from us by phone, e-mail or directly in the dairy shop.

Depending on the panel size, we need one to two working days to prepare them for pickup. Unfortunately, due to the cold chain and logistics, we are unable to deliver or ship.

You can reach our colleagues in the dairy shop from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 and 18:00 on the following telephone number: 0351/8080823. You can find all further contact details here.

We look forward to receiving your order and wish you a wonderful celebration in advance.

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