The Founders

The milk shop was a mosaic stone, the last link in the chain of a clever and farsightedly planned company strategy. Visionary, initiator and organizer was the futurePrivy Councillor Paul Gustav Leander Pfund (1849-1923).

The son of a spirits producer, he was a successful farmer in Reinholdshain. In 1879 he went to Dresden with his wife Mathilde, six cows, the same amount of pigs and set ideas: He wanted to establish a stable foundation for the milk supply.

At that time poorly cooled milk in open wagons was transported into the city from neighboring villages. The wagons returned loaded with old clothing or kitchen waste.

This situation's lack of hygiene became a personal challenge for Pfund. He wanted to deliver fully hygienic milk to the constantly growing city populace and thus began to do so in a small shop on Görlitzer Straße.

Twice daily, customers were able to see the cows being milked, filtered through fine towels and cooled through windows in the shop's sales area. In-shop sales and delivery were available as desired by customers. The number of customers continued to grow and the shop became too small. Pfund moved to Bautzner Straße 41. It was here that the company's actual success story began, although it had already achieved fame beyond Dresden's borders.

Wherever technical improvements were possible, new machinery was developed and there were markets to be entered - Pfund was at the forefront.