New Onlineshop – under Construction

New Onlineshop: Our new Onlineshop is currently under construction – we are sorry for that. Our regional and traditional products of our Brand ‘Pfunds’ will soon be able to buy online – in a new Onlineshop in a new Layout!

The most beautiful Milk Shop in the World is still open for you: If you need specialities of Cheese, Milk, Liqueur or wine, we are happy to tell you, that our Shop is still open! Visit us in Dresden – Bautzner Straße 79 – and you will find all of our products there.

Besides our fine products you have the chance, to visit our historical SHop with it’s beautiful tiles all around the place.

New Onlineshop – Find Presents for the whole family and order them online

Aside from our regional products, we offer you our traditional and fine milk soap – in our Soap Shop next to our Milk Shop!

In our Soap Shop – next to the Milk Shop – you will find our traditional milk soap. In 1892 we started to produce the first milk soap and it became so famous throughout Europe, that people ask for it daily. You will also find a numerous amount of Hygiene- and Care-Products.

In 1892 we produced the first Pfunds Milk Soap – a classy fragrance and high quality milk soap packed into a unique design – perfect as gift or souvenir to any occasion

We look forward to your visit!

Traditionell Milk Soap in a unique Design

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