Soap Store In 1892, the dairy of Pfunds produced milk soap for the first time - since then, it became world famous - Pfunds
Since 1892

The Soap Shop of the Pfunds Molkerei Gebrüder Pfund

Traditional & noble milk soap

The first production of Pfunds Milk Soap was a complete success. Within a very short time, the milk soap established itself not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.

Even today people like to use our milk soap, especially because of the comfort and the smooth feeling of the skin after the soap bath.

Let yourself be sprinkled with numerous fine fragrances in Pfunds soap shop – right next to the most beautiful Milk Shop in the world. 

Der Pfunds Seifenladen - Milchseife in historischer Verpackungsdose
Der Pfunds Seifenladen - Milchseife in historischer Verpackungsdose - Dresdner Molkerei Gebrüder Pfund

Unique and historical Motives

Pfunds Soap Shop

We offer you soap in the highest quality and an impressive Design. Our Packaging displays different motives of our historical hand-painted tiles.

Thats why our Milk Soap ist the perfect gift for every occasion!



Excellent Quality

Since 1892 the People love the high quality and the fine fragrances of Pfunds Milk Soap.

Historical Motives

Numerous unique and historical Motives cover our walls and Products at the Pfunds Molkerei – come visit us!

Historical Motives

In 1892, The Milk Soap of Pfunds was produced for the first time. It became so popular, that short time after, the milk soap was exported and sold to shops throughout whole Europe.

Highest Quality, Purity and noble fragrances were like today a trademark of Pfunds Products.

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